This is the official podcast of Southwestern College, located in Chula Vista, CA. The podcast is a production of The Philosophy and Humanities Department. Central topics of discussion are popular culture and philosophy, ethics, and metaphysics (with a focus on consciousness and theology). However, we sometimes touch on local or national news as well as general issues in the discipline of philosophy. Music is written and/or produced by Luke Cuddy. The official podcast logo was designed by Jason Vandusen.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Description

In this episode, my girlfriend Lynn (from the UCSD philosophy department) and I discuss the recent sex scandals, with a special focus on Louie CK. This one cuts deep because Louie has been one of my favorite comedians for a long time, and what he did was wrong. But should Louie be compared to people like Harvey Weinstein (or even Bill Clinton) who have been accused of rape? What is the difference between sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape? We also touch on the topics of consent, undue influence, and even forgiveness.


Episode 3

Episode 3 Description

In this episode, my friend and colleague Peter Bolland and I discuss nondualism. To get at nondualism, we first discuss the more familiar view of the Western world: dualism. Nondualism is central to many Buddhist philosophies as well as to the Indian philosophy Advaita Vedanta, in which both experience and intellectual understanding of the self are emphasized. Why do we feel that we are separate, dualistic beings/selves? There are many reasons, we note, but a common method for shattering this illusion is meditation. After discussing some of the benefits of meditation, we touch on the difference between the true and false selves. Peter also reminds us of Shankara, an important founding figure in nondual Indian philosophy.


Episode 2

Episode 2 Description

In this episode of the podcast I speak with Nada Dibas about the implications of some of Donald Trump's policies. Nada is a political science major and the ASO Vice President of Public Relations at SWC (and also a former student). This podcast is not focused on Trump bashing, but on how his policies (whether enacted or not) have affected our campus community and beyond. Some specific topics we cover are professor bias in the classroom, political bias, the refugee ban, the border wall, potential counterarguments from Trump supporters, the similarities between Trump and Obama, the best way to protest, and more.


Episode 1

Episode 1 Description

In the first episode of the podcast, I speak with student of economics and cognitive science (and former student of mine) Alvin Cook. To kick off the first episode, we each discuss a philosophical idea that influenced us. Alvin chooses economic determinism and I choose... God! (Sort of.)